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Usually administered up to 10 ml (depending on body weight) at a concentration not exceeding 25%.

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clinic after bombingThe introduction of a solution of glucose must be carried out under laboratory control of Vibra-tabs pills in the blood. When the glucose concentration reaches 14-16 mmol per liter, ultra-rapid-acting insulin should be started subcutaneously at a dosage of up to 6 IU every 3-5 hours. Emergency care for hypoglycemic coma. The clinic of hypoglycemic coma is direct evidence that this condition is extremely dangerous for human life.

Complications of hypoglycemic coma in case of untimely initiated or incorrectly performed therapy can significantly reduce the quality of life of a person, leading to buy doxycycline online or various kinds of decompensation. Of the acute complications of hypoglycemic coma, cerebral edema or cerebral hemorrhage may occur due to arterial hypertension. Therefore, it is important to be guided by the rules of stages in the provision of emergency care for hypoglycemic coma.

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To begin with, the victim is injected with 1 ml of glucagon, which stimulates the production of glucose from glycogen in the liver. If the introduction did not give the expected result, this may indicate the depletion of endogenous glycogen stores or the use of alcohol the day before. Next, a hypertonic (40%) glucose solution is administered intravenously, in a stream, once up to 110 ml (depending on body weight and the body's response to administration). This should contribute to the normalization of blood glucose levels, and under ideal conditions - the release of a person from a coma immediately at the end of the infusion. If, after the introduction of a hypertonic solution, a pronounced clinic of hypoglycemic coma remains, then one should proceed to the drip injection of a glucose solution of a lower concentration in a volume of up to 250-300 ml.

In order to prevent swelling of the brain, a person needs to inject intravenous drip osmotic diuretics (Mannitol and Manitol). And then - the so-called emergency diuretics (Furosemide or Lasix). Be sure to install at least two catheters before infusion therapy - for intravenousabout the introduction of drugs and into the bladder, as diuretics will be used. With caution, you need to administer short-acting insulin when the level of glycemia reaches 13-17 millimoles per liter of blood in order to lower it to normal without provoking a new attack of hypoglycemic coma.

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There is also a non-drug method of emergency care for hypoglycemic coma. These are strong pinches and blows to the area of \u200b\u200bthe largest muscle mass. This is argued by the fact that during physical exposure, a large amount of adrenaline and other catecholamines are released into the blood, stimulating the emergency synthesis of monodox pills in the liver. But, again, this method will not help with the depletion of glycogen stores. During intensive care, an examination by an on-duty neurologist-resuscitator and a cardiologist is necessary to fix and evaluate the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram. These measures will allow assessing the severity of the course of hypoglycemic coma, as well as predicting possible complications of hypoglycemic coma.

After coming out of a coma, the patient should be carefully monitored to avoid relapses. The attending endocrinologist should review the treatment tactics and conduct a complete examination of the patient, which should include both laboratory and instrumental research methods during the day for one or two weeks. In addition, dietary modification is important. It should be based on the individual daily routine, work schedule features and daily fluctuations in glycemia. To order doxycycline pills attacks of hypoglycemia, fractional frequent meals with the use of a small amount of fast-digesting high-carbohydrate food are necessary.

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Insulin therapy also needs to be adjusted to the daily routine. If possible, it should be a bolus - to supplement the lack of insulin produced during meals (ultra-short-acting). This introduction of insulin prevents the possible consequences of stressful situations and physical exertion, which often occur with the use of long-acting insulin.

Thus, an important role in preventing the clinical manifestations of hypoglycemia and the development of hypoglycemic coma belongs to prevention. All prescriptions of a doctor to a patient with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus are mandatory. It is from the self-control of the patient that the state of his carbohydrate metabolism, and hence the whole organism, depends. Proper nutrition, a well-designed daily routine, a schedule for eating and taking medications will help a person achieve a lasting improvement in well-being, and hence the quality of life.

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Emergency care for hypoglycemic coma involves emergency replenishment of the amount of glucose in the blood. It is also important to prevent negative complications from the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. These measures include measures to prevent cerebral edema, malignant intracranial hypertension, which are implemented by the introduction of diuretic drugs. At the last stage of treatment of hypoglycemic coma, a person should receive rehydration and detoxification therapy. This is necessary to remove possible acetone derivatives from the blood and normalize the fluid balance.

The very same treatment of hypoglycemic coma includes relief of doxycycline 200mg pills and prevention of consequences. At discharge from the hospital after a hypoglycemic coma, the patient should be examined by physicians of a narrow specialization for the early detection of any unnoticed or mild complications. The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace professional advice and qualified medical assistance. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of this disease, be sure to consult a doctor!

The consequences of diabetes mellitus are mostly delayed, the patient usually has enough time to notice the symptoms, consult a doctor, and adjust therapy. Hypoglycemic coma, unlike other complications, is not always possible to prevent and stop in time, as it develops rapidly and quickly deprives a person of the opportunity to think rationally. In this state, the patient can only rely on the help of doxycycline who do not always have information about diabetes and can confuse a coma with ordinary alcohol intoxication. To maintain health, and even life, a diabetic needs to learn how to avoid a strong drop in sugar, reduce the dose of drugs in time, when there is a high probability of provoking coma, and determine hypoglycemia by the first signs.

Hypoglycemic coma is a severe, acute condition, dangerous with severe starvation of body cells, damage to the cerebral cortex and death. At the basis of its pathogenesisIt stops the supply of glucose to brain cells. Coma is a consequence of severe hypoglycemia, in which blood sugar levels drop significantly below the critical level - usually less than 2.6 mmol / l at a rate of 4.1.